You can get your old iPhone’s battery replaced by Apple, but it might be a while—as long as 10 weeks. After dropping the price of its battery replacement program following reports of performance throttling, the company has struggled to meet demand of iPhone users looking to give their old devices new life.

Complicating matters is the recent release of iOS 11.3, which comes with a feature that tells users if their phone needs a new battery. So, to keep up with the inundation of customers seeking replacements, Apple has reportedly reached out to contractors to pick up the slack.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is training and hiring contractors to work alongside AppleCare employees, who will dedicate their time solely to replacing iPhone batteries. The goal is to improve turnaround times so iPhone owners aren’t left in a lurch.

With rumors of three new iPhone models on the horizon, many Apple fans are facing a difficult decision: Deal with long wait times or just buy a new device. Hopefully, with more people dedicated to replacing batteries, owners of older iPhone models won’t have to wait such a long time.