The iPhone will soon gain Apple Pencil support, multiple sources say.

In a report published by Economic Daily News, it’s revealed that Apple might have selected a supplier for chips that can be used inside the stylus. The Cupertino-based company already holds manufacturing agreements with other suppliers for the Apple Pencil, but it’ll need more assistance if the iPhone joins in. It’s possible that Apple will release a new, smaller Apple Pencil as well.

Elan, which also serves Wacom for high-end styluses, seems to be the front-runner here. But the report suggests Apple could still go in another direction.

The Apple Pencil will work with the two OLED models but not the LCD model, though. Apple could be trying to maintain differences between the models to push consumers toward the premium features for a higher price.

Back when the company was headed by Steve Jobs, Apple never embraced the stylus. It wasn’t until the iPad Pro’s debut in 2015 that you could use a stylus for drawing or taking notes. The Apple Pencil may be expensive at $99, but Apple’s made it popular among iPad owners in recent years.

Apple should be sending out invites for the annual iPhone event by the end of the month. In 2018, expect a somewhat different setup. The new iPhone models aren’t likely to be alone. Along with them, the iPad Pro and the Mac family should get attention. There’s plenty of information floating around on these devices, but Apple will make it all official in the next few weeks.