Once again, Apple would like to make the case as to why you should switch from Android to iOS. The company just launched a new advertising campaign with several spots that highlight the benefits of having an iPhone over any other mobile device.

The various ads range from setup to security to support to recycling. Apple manages to show people how simple it is to join its ecosystem and keep everything there. Perhaps the biggest jab at Android is during the security-based spot. A man drops down from the “Your Phone” section to infiltrate the iPhone, but Apple’s software is locked down and won’t let him in.

Another spot goes as far as pointing out competitors don’t have eco-friendly facilities. Apple notes that the iPhone is assembled in facilities that don’t send any waste to landfills. The other two spots highlight Apple’s best-in-class customer service and how easy it is to set up an iPhone.

Will these make people switch? Probably not, but the ads do act as a reminder of Apple being such a trusted brand.

Below are all of the ads Apple launched this week.

iPhone — Ease

iPhone — Safe

iPhone — Apple Support

iPhone — Environment

Let’s see if Google decides to respond.