The unreliability of iOS 11 has been chronicled closely. Just about two months ago, we talked about how the software was still incomplete seven months after debuting at WWDC in June. You can update that to nine months because bugs are still prevalent in the operating system so much so, one snuck into Apple's latest commercial.

Apple's newest ad shows off the capabilities of unlocking the iPhone X with your face through Face ID. On the exterior, that seems like something Apple would push to entice customers to buy a new iPhone. However, at the very end, the lead character unlocks her phone, and for a brief second, you can see the common bug that has been affecting notification bubbles.

The bug cuts off part of the notification text because the bubble box is inexplicably shorter. iOS 11.1 did not fix this, iOS 11.2 didn't either and now we're awaiting iOS 11.3 to finally remedy the bug. Coincidentally, 9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo noticed the bug back in November and stated the wonky animation should be fixed soon.

It was not and now Apple has to deal with the embarrassment of including the bug in one of its ads.

We have to think Apple's ads go through a strict editing process before they go live, yet an error still squeaked by the creative team. In their defense, the bug is indiscernible to the normal person. Only those who freeze-framed the short clip with see the bug in all of its glory, but it's still there.

Apple seems to have a good understanding of the bugs affecting iOS 11 and has decided to shift the focus of major upgrades to the next version of its iPhone software (iOS 12) in favor of focusing on improving stability, refining performance and eliminating pesky bugs.

In the meantime, hopefully, iOS 11.3, which is due out any day now, addresses some of the software issues currently affecting iPhones.