Apple and its fondness for the color white is evident everywhere you look, from its retail stores to its mobile operating system. Even its gadgets come in white, most recently the company's wireless EarPods. But that popular color option may soon be a memory once Apple releases the iPhone 8.

According to Macotakara, production challenges may force Apple to ditch the color, with sources indicating releasing the iPhone 8 in white is simply "not possible." Naturally, the report goes on to say that users will have fewer color options to choose from when the device is released.

Instead of white, the iPhone 8 is expected in black and a mirror-like finish, harkening back to Apple's early iPod days.

It's unclear what engineering challenges will prevent Apple from offering the iPhone 8 in white, but come to think of it, devices like the Galaxy S8, which may be inspiration for Apple's newest flagship, don't come in white either.

It's not the biggest deal in the world, as Apple has begun favoring darker tones in recent months. Last year's iPhone 7 came in a black and jet black, while its latest MacBook Pro comes in a space gray.

Macotakara's report goes on to say that the iPhone 8 likely won't launch until October in very limited stock.