Multiple reports have said the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging, and new photos apparently back up these claims.

Appearing on SlashLeaks, the photos appear to show off a module equipped with a coil designed for inductive wireless charging. The module also appears to display a Lightning port, further adding weight to the accessory's authenticity.

Apple's rumored iPhone 8 has been said to include wireless charging. However, recent reports claim the feature will be enabled in a software update after the iPhone 8 is released. The module you see in the gallery below could be destined for whatever accessory Apple releases this fall.

Among the many new features expected in the iPhone 8, wireless charging is among the flashiest. The technology has been used by many of Apple's biggest rivals, including the recent Galaxy S8, so it's about time the Cupertino company followed suit.

For what it's worth, SlashLeaks applied a 100-percent rating to the leak as trusted. While the text on the module has been blurred, you can make out the world "iPhone," possibly followed by the number eight.

That seems a little to convenient for my taste, but that's how it goes with leaks. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 this September, so we should know more very soon.