Apple may finally employ wireless charging technologies when it launches the iPhone 8. Until now, we’ve mostly heard rumors that wireless charging was in the pipeline. Now, a component provider has been named.

DigiTimes said on Thursday that Lite-On Semiconductor, a Taiwanese company, will provide some of the parts used to enable wireless charging in the iPhone 8. The news outlet said that Lite-On will provide “GPP bridge rectifiers for the support of fast wireless charging.” It didn’t say whether or not Apple is going to go with PMA or Qi charging, or perhaps something else entirely. Rumor has it all three of Apple’s new iPhone 8 models, three are expected, will support the technology.

iPhone 8 said to sport fast wireless charging

Samsung is the only phone maker on the market, so far as I know, that provides “fast” wireless charging, too. Typically, wireless charging is much slower than a lot of the fast wired charging options on the market today.

Apple has not yet confirmed that it will use wireless charging, so while this still remains a rumor, it’s starting to sound a lot more like it’s a locked-in feature for the iPhone 8.