Huge news this morning from The Wall Street Journal, which said Apple is planning to introduce USB-C on the iPhone 8 instead of a Lightning port.

The report touches on other aspects of the device, noting its curved display and lack of a home button, two rumors that we’ve heard before. But the Lightning port news is particularly interesting. This is the first time since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 that it has adopted an industry standard for charging. Other manufacturers, over the years, began to accept mini-USB and eventually microUSB before moving over to USB-C beginning on 2016.

Apple has never done this

Apple has instead stuck with its own technology, first using a proprietary 30-pin connector and later moving over to Lightning, which is used in iPhones and the iPad. There’s certainly going to be folks who are upset over the change.

Apple will no doubt make millions selling adapters for accessories already out in the wild. This change, however, will allow it to finally fall into line with the rest of the industry. Plus, USB-C has huge benefits for charging, data transfers and more.

Concept above by Moe Slah.