A report earlier this week from Fast Company pointed to several new iPhone 8 features that we hadn’t heard much about. Now, a separate story from DigiTimes continues the inflow of information, suggesting Apple will borrow a feature from other smartphones.

According to DigiTimes, Apple is going to add an iris scanner to the iPhone 8. It’s hardly a novel idea; an iris scanner was available on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL from Microsoft. It was also a major feature of the doomed Galaxy Note 7 that launched last year. This would be the first time Apple has included that sort of technology in its products, however, and could help drive current iPhone users to upgrade their devices. Iris scanners are typically used to allow users to log-in to a device or application without a fingerprint or password.

“Makers in the supply chain are generally optimistic about the popularity of the device,” DigiTimes said.

OLED panel, too

The DigiTimes report corroborates earlier rumors suggesting that Apple is also going to add an OLED panel to the iPhone 8 in addition to wireless charging technology. It’s starting to appear like Apple will sell the iPhone 8 as its most premium new smartphone, perhaps costing more than $1,000, while also introducing lower-priced iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus units. Those might sacrifice some of the advanced technologies, like the OLED panel and iris scanner, in exchange for the more affordable price tag. All three new iPhones are said to feature wireless charging, regardless of price point.

Apple’s new iPhones are expected in September.

Concept above created by Moh Slah.