We’ve seen beautiful renders of the iPhone 8, and Apple has shown us iOS 11. Now, take a look at what the two look like in harmony, courtesy of some gorgeous renders made by iDrop News.

According to the report, what you see in the gallery below are “nearly identical to the actual device and operating system set to debut this fall.” There’s one photo comparing what iOS 11 looks like on the iPhone 8 compared to an older iPhone SE, and the difference is pretty striking. (Also, kudos for including Mac DeMarco in the Apple Music widget.)

The iPhone 8 is expected to feature a number of next generation features when it’s announced this fall, including wireless charging, facial and iris biometric security, and Touch ID under the display. The latter feature, however, may result in the phone’s delay, as several reports have claimed Apple has not quite figured out how to make it work properly.

One other area of concern may be the iPhone 8’s “sensor bar,” which will supposedly feature dual front-facing cameras, a proximity bar, and more. Similar to what we saw from the Essential Phone, there’s essentially a cutout in the display to make room for the components, which is pretty unsightly.

iDrop News speculates how Apple may accommodate the new sensor bar:

1.) iOS could employ the entire display, ignoring the bar, (as shown in the photos provided) to display full-size pictures, backgrounds, screensavers, apps, and more. This would be the most striking and unique option, however that could be a tricky prospect for app developers who would be required to navigate app or game interfaces around the center bar.

2.) The second, and more conservative, option would to black-out or white-out the portions of the display that are separated by the center bar, and use contrasting color icons for battery, signal strength, Wi-Fi strength, time etc., leaving a traditional rectangular display beneath.

Neither option sounds very good. I’d rather have a display that features a little more bezel, like the Galaxy S8, without sacrificing that top portion of the screen due to cameras and sensors. Mind you, we don’t know what the iPhone 8’s final design will be, but iDrop News is in the belief that what’s above is pretty darn close.

In any case, Apple’s new software looks pretty good on the iPhone 8’s larger display. Although Apple has unveiled what features to expect in its next big update, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple introduce some iOS 11 features exclusive to the iPhone 8 when it launches this fall.