More and more renders alleging to show off the iPhone 8 are appearing, and the latest ones, if true, show off a compelling design that should look amazing in person.

Recently, a 3D design supposedly showing off the iPhone 8 surfaced. Now, well-known leaker KK Sneak Leaks has shown up with designs that, if correct, show off a phone with a slightly smaller design.

The new images show off a phone that measures 137.54mm tall and 67.54mm wide. This is very close to the iPhone 7's dimensions of 138.3mm x 67.1mm.

The display shown in this diagram would measure 5.768-inches and leaves very little room for bezels. It appears that the border would measure a mere 4mm, making the front of the phone almost entirely covered in screen.

As has been discussed numerous times now, that means all of the sensors, including Touch ID, would need to be embedded under the screen as there would no longer be room for a physical home button. There have been rumors that this configuration is causing the largest pain point in the iPhone 8 design process, and, even if conquered, could lead to numerous shortages at launch this fall.

A tale of two cameras

This latest render is just the latest to show a change to the rear camera configuration. The cameras are rumored to change to a vertical configuration with an LED flash placed between the two lenses. There is some speculation that this change is partially to assist with 3D features as well as augmented reality.

Seeing as we're at least five months out from the traditional announcement period of a new iPhone, it seems a bit early to be seeing such detailed renders. For now, we recommend everything be taken with a grain of salt, but it is certainly fun to dream about what we may see come September.