The iPhone 8 is one of the most talked about phones of the year, but things aren’t looking too good with its production. According to reputable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there is a “rising probability” of a “worst scenario” occurring with massive iPhone 8 shortages.

In a previous report, Kuo stated Apple was facing production difficulties with the iPhone 8 and a worst case scenario may happen if the issues aren’t resolved. The issues stem from difficulty producing OLED panels and that is pushing shipments back into October and November according to Kuo. Apple’s flagship phone usually goes on sale in late September, but production begins some time in August. Other reports have pushed back the iPhone 8 into 2018. Kuo is forecasting the delay to be just a couple of months for now.

Now Kuo is doubling down on the possibility of production issues affecting the number of iPhones Apple is able to produce.

“We are seeing more evidence that the worst-case scenario forecasted in our April 19 report could materialize, where new iPhone shipments in 2H17F are revised down to 80- 90mn units from 100-110mn units (vs. consensus of 100-120mn units),” revealed Kuo in his new stated.

That’s a substantial decline in the possible number of iPhones being manufactured, and would severely limit the number of units available for purchase.

It’s a rocky time for the iPhone

Ming-Chi Kuo has a strong record of reports on iPhone production. Given how Apple is incorporating new technology in its next iPhone, the delays Kuo forecasts are not out of the realm of possibility. But until these reports are verified, we’ll take them with a grain of salt. Kuo is still stating there is a probability, but nothing is definite. We’re still months away from Apple unveiling its next iPhone, so it has time to solve any issues it may be experiencing producing iPhone 8 units.