Two new videos have surfaced that appear to be the iPhone 8 going through its long production process.

Before you watch these short videos that were posted on Weibo – and later moved to YouTube by TechTastic – note that they are blurry and potentially not the iPhone 8. We do feel these are real factory videos, but there is no guarantee these are actual iPhone 8 handsets rolling by. For all we know, they could be the dummy units that have been showing up every where.

The first video shows phones going by on a belt and apparently being polished again and again.

The second video shows what appears to be dozens of iPhone 8s on some sort of racking system.

The puzzling piece in these videos is the openness with which they were recorded. Foxconn is notoriously strict about outside recording devices getting within its walls, so one has to wonder how someone would so brazenly walk along the line recording.

Take these with the usual helping of salt, but it does appear the iPhone 8 is in full production now, and we’re just waiting for Apple to officially unveil the device.