Apple is back on top of the best smartphone camera list, with DxO Labs has crowning the iPhone 8 Plus as having the best smartphone camera it has ever tested.

The iPhone 8 Plus earned a sterling score of 94. Coming in at a close second place, the iPhone 8 also scored an impressive 92. Both top Google’s Pixel, which scored a 90 last year. The HTC U11 also scored a 90.

Among the iPhone 8 Plus’s best attributes includes the ability to capture HDR scenes. DxO’s testing found the camera offers the best detail preservation and overall exposure.

Photos captured outdoors were said to be stunning, with “excellent detail preservation, accurate color, and impressive dynamic range.” In very low light situations, there was some underexposure, but the camera still performed impressively. In the camera samples provided by DxO, the images look fantastic. Color, detail and sharpness are all excellent.

DxO also touts the camera’s bokeh performance. This was a new addition to the iPhone 7 Plus camera last year, with a Portrait Mode enabled via the second telephoto lens. The iPhone 8 Plus takes it up a notch with stunning sharpness.

The iPhone 8 Plus’s camera continued its dominant performance with impressive grades in exposure, contrast, color, autofocus, detail, and noise.

DxO calls the iPhone 8 Plus camera an “excellent choice.” That’s great news for any would-be buyer. When we get in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in for review, we’ll test out with camera with photo samples and see just how impressive the cameras really are.