Tweeted on Friday by Benjamin Geskin, the mold appears to show the iPhone 8 will feature a vertical dual-lens camera system, lining up with recent leaks. Supposedly, the tweaked arrangement will result in improved photos, and may be necessary for AR and VR features Apple has planned.

Notably, the alleged iPhone 8 mold doesn't feature a cutout for a rear-facing Touch ID sensor. There have been numerous conflicting reports about what Apple intends to do with the sensor, with some claiming it'll be placed underneath the display; other reports say Apple will have to settle with placing the sensor on the back of the phone as a compromise.

As for the leaked schematic, it doesn't appear to uncover anything we haven't seen before. There's a cutout for a vertical dual-lens camera, and no mention of a rear-facing Touch ID sensor—just like what's seen in the mold.

Apple is reportedly working on several different iPhone 8 prototypes, so what you see isn't necessarily what Apple will unveil later this year.

Even if what we have been seeing lately is the iPhone 8, rumors suggest Apple won't launch the device until much later this year, possibly in November at the earliest. If that's the case, the iPhone 8 will be tough to find ahead of the holidays.