Yet more features destined for the iPhone have been uncovered in the HomePod firmware that recently leaked. In addition to facial expression, attention detection, and a tap to wake function, Apple's next iPhone may also support SmartCamera features, which could make your photos look even better.

Discovered by developer Guilherme Rambo, the features, which may be coming to iOS 11, relates to AI capable of detecting different types of scenes, including sunset, fireworks, sky, and more. Similar scene-detecting presets can be found on professional cameras; Apple would likely put its own spin on what the software could do.

If Apple does introduce SmartCamera features to iOS, it's very likely everything will be done behind-the-scenes, rather than giving control over to users. So, let's say you're on vacation and you want to capture a beautiful sunset. The SmartCamera software could detect the scene and adjust settings accordingly.

In addition to SmartCamera, Rambo highlights the mention of a "freezeMotion" feature capable of recognizing scenes, like that of a hyper child, and capturing photos at the right moment. Rambo also points to "Confidence" metrics that suggests the software is capable of identifying documents and QR codes.

Software, including Apple's iOS, has become incredibly adept at recognizing what's in a scene once a picture is taken. For example, AI can detect people, animals, and objects. It seems that technology will be taken a step further to recognize scenes in real time, as professional cameras have done (to an extent) for years.

Since the HomePod's firmware was leaked, developers have uncovered a trove of information, including the iPhone 8's design and several features destined for the upcoming device. Whether the features mentioned above will be part of an update later this year remains to be seen.