At this point, we’re fairly certain what the iPhone 8 will look like. It will feature an updated design with glass panels covering the front and back fused together by a polished metal frame, with the major selling point the edge to edge OLED display.

The latest leaked images come from Techtastic and show off the gorgeous design. We get a clear look at the front edge to edge display and the controversial top cut-out housing the sensors and earpiece. Interestingly, the sensors on the left side appear to possibly be a flash.

On the back we see the brand new glass panel, vertical dual camera with the flash at the center and iPhone branding at the bottom including the famous “Designed by Apple in California.”

The new leak does conflict with a leak we saw recently that has the back of the iPhone 8 containing the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Techtastic’s images don’t contain any Touch ID sensor, at least one that can be seen from the pictures.

So which one is the legit? We’re not sure. Most leaks up until now don’t seem to visibly show off the Touch ID sensor which has us believing three logical scenarios: it’s either underneath the display, it’s now in the enlarged side power button or it’s being excluded entirely in favor of the highly speculated 3D face scanning.

Unless there’s a new leak from Apple that explicitly states where the Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be, we most likely won’t truly find out until Apple officially announces the iPhone 8 next month.