We’ve heard several reports the launch of Apple’s high-end iPhone 8 could be delayed, and a new rumor is joining the chorus. TechCrunch on Thursday reported the upcoming device won’t begin shipping until after Apple’s standard models—the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus—hit the market.

If true, the alleged manufacturing problems faced by Apple could cause some real headaches for consumers. Not only will supply be severely constrained, but the device’s launch may not come until October.

According to an earlier report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple has faced setbacks after scrapping the inclusion of Touch ID at the last minute, which the company failed to place underneath the iPhone 8’s display. The manufacturing problems may result in there being no fingerprint scanner at all, with Apple instead relying on facial recognition.

From the outside, the iPhone 8’s development sounds like a huge mess, with reports suggesting Apple was perhaps too ambitious in building the device. Not only could it mean the device will be delayed and difficult to find, but also be more expensive because of its inclusion of OLED panels, which are being provided by Samsung.

We never anticipated the iPhone 8 to be smooth, but it sounds like it could be much worse than we feared. If you want Apple’s next big iPhone release, it seems all but assured you’ll have to go to great lengths to acquire one. An event to unveil the iPhone has been set for September 12.