A glass back, vertical dual camera setup, and an aluminum frame. Yes, we must be describing the upcoming iPhone 8, which has popped up in a pair of new images.

The dummy unit, via Benjamin Geskin, appears to show off the final design for Apple’s upcoming handset, which will reportedly feature a 5.8-inch OLED display.

Of note, the front of the device does not feature a home button. Apple must have stuck it on the back then, right? Nope. There doesn’t appear to be a home button or Touch ID sensor to speak of, which suggests Apple has found a way to embed the sensor underneath the display.

The design of the dummy unit lines up with the numerous rumors we’ve heard over the past several weeks. While we’re still months away from the iPhone 8’s release, the dummy seen in the photos could very well end up being the device’s final design.

Ahead of the iPhone 6’s unveiling, dummy units with the phone’s final design were a dime a dozen; we saw the same thing last year. You’d expect Apple would be able to keep the design of its tenth anniversary iPhone under wraps, but obviously, that’s not the case.

No details about the phone are provided with Geskin’s Tweet, just that it’s a dummy of the iPhone 8. But considering the frequency of rumors we’ve heard recently, my guess is what you’re seeing is the handset’s final design, or damn near close.

Update: Geskin has uploaded a brief hands-on video of the dummy unit.