Whether the iPhone 8 will feature a curved display is still up for debate, but a new report may offer more clues about what to expect.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple’s upcoming flagship will indeed feature a curved OLED display. However, its curve will be much more subtle compared to what’s offered by Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge.

Nikkei Asian Review reports:

The curve will be gentler than screen in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge handsets. This is partly due to the challenges of making curved glass covers to match screen, according to the source.

While the curved screen will allow a viewable area of about 5.2 inches and make the iPhone even sleeker, it will not offer significant new functions, the person said.

Unlike the Galaxy S7 Edge, the iPhone 8 won’t come equipped with any “Edge” features, instead focusing on aesthetics and comfort. That does not mean Apple won’t introduce any edge-type features in the future. However, it doesn’t appear to be among the company’s top priorities.

It’s very likely the curve will be so subtle that Apple won’t even comment on it during the iPhone 8’s announcement.

Curved or flat?

We’ve heard conflicting reports about whether the iPhone 8’s display would be curved or flat, and now it sounds like it will be somewhere in the middle. The iPhone 7 already features a subtle curve, something that’s more for ergonomics than functionality.

When the iPhone 8 launches later this year, it’s expected to feature a 5.8-inch OLED display with a function area instead of a home button, along with AR features and an iris scanner.