If you thought you had seen the best iPhone 8 concepts already, you were wrong. The latest one from ConceptsiPhone designs a concept model that has all the bells and whistles we want in the next iPhone.

The video shows off a sleek-looking iPhone 8 that is remarkably similar to the iPhone 7, but has a few awesome tricks that really set it apart. It has a gorgeous edge-to-edge OLED display that is virtual bezel-less. The video shows off an image where the phone camouflages into the background because of its display.

Inside the bezel-less display lives an integrated earpiece and TouchID sensor. It’s something similar to what Apple speculated to be doing.

ConceptsiPhone’s design also features a really cool touch sensor on the side that replaces the volume buttons.

But the coolest feature of the concept is the implementation of true wireless charging. Instead of just putting the phone on a charging pad, the version shown off in the concept uses an external white box that charges the iPhone when its within a certain range.

The video also shows off three different iPhone 8 models—a 4.7-inch, 5-inch and 5.5-inch.

This a concept, but we wish it was real

The features shown off in ConceptsiPhone’s video are really cool, but we probably won’t see them in a phone any time soon. It feels like the technology is still a few years away. When that time comes, we can look back at this concept and see how far we’ve come.