There's been much debate over the iPhone 8's display cutout and how Apple will evolve iOS so the notch isn't quite so noticeable. This concept from Max Rudberg shows what Apple may potentially do, and it looks stunning.

As reports have suggested before, Apple may try to hide the top cutout by turning the OLED display black and only showing off important information such as network connectivity and battery life.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to move navigation buttons to the bottom of the device—you can see how that might work in the mockups below. With Apple expected to introduce a "function area" to the iPhone 8, users may see settings dynamically change in that area depending on what app they're in.

It sounds like Apple may use what it learned from its Touch Bar, which we saw introduced to the MacBook Pro, and apply those findings to the iPhone 8's function area. If Rudberg's mockups are anything to go by, the function area will be every iPhone owner's favorite new feature.

Earlier this week, firmware for Apple's upcoming HomePod leaked, revealing a trove of information about what to expect from the iPhone 8. Unfortunately, we still don't have a fully formed picture of what iOS 11 will look like running on the device, like where Apple will display the time if the notch is there.

Rudberg's mockups provide us with a pretty good idea of what to expect, but we won't know Apple's final plans until the device is unveiled in September.