We’ve covered several iPhone 8 concepts recently, some of which might actually be pretty accurate based on information floating around the rumor mill. The latest iPhone 8 concepts isn’t one of those devices. Instead, it takes things to the next level.

The concept, created by Georgy Pashkov and published by ConceptsiPhone, imagines a device with a completely see-through display thanks to optical sensors placed on the back of the device. It’s sad this even has a reason to exist. It could, for example, be useful for folks who are always so buried down in their phones that they forget to look up, potentially helping them avoid obstacles on sidewalks. The concept does seem to fog out the see-through display, though, instead only using the background for a background effect on the home screen.

iPhone 8 concept features

The glass appears to run from edge-to-edge, and Pashkov imagines features like a piezoelectric speaker that allows audio to come right out of the screen’s glass panel. Pahskov also envisions a fingerprint reader that sits under the display, completely invisible from the naked eye.

Apple probably won’t ever make a phone that looks like this, but it’s a unique concept nonetheless.