Wait, what? Apple just released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but, instead of looking forward to the iPhone 7, we’re already talking about the iPhone 8? Well, alright then. Concept artists can do as they please, and we’re happy to check out any visions of what they might think the future looks like. Case in point is a new iPhone 8 concept crafted by Behance and an artist named “Steel Drake.” It actually appears to pull some design cues from the iPhone 4, note the glass back, but then adopts some of the design changes we’ve seen since that release.

The concept has the more rounded and refined edges of the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models while also appearing to incorporate Touch ID technology. Additionally, we’re loving the shoulders, where the antennas are hidden in a decidedly robotic-looking way. Also, gone are the antenna stripes that arguably deter from the otherwise clean design on Apple’s latest iPhone models, and the camera is again flush with the body.

Will Apple ever create a phone that looks like this? Probably not, but artists are artists and, without their imaginations we’d never get to explore these sorts of fun concepts. Check out the full gallery above.