Apple’s iPhone 8 is reportedly being delayed until the end of the year due to manufacturing issues, but the device may be well worth the wait. According to new renders shared by Engadget, Apple’s flagship will be packed to the gills with new technology, including a fingerprint sensor that’s embedded beneath the display.

Engadget claims a source in the accessory industry showed the publication a detailed CAD file of Apple’s next flagship, resulting in the renders you see below. The device looks similar in a lot of ways to what we’ve seen from Apple over the past few years, but there are some key differences—namely, the dual camera setup is now vertical instead of horizontal.

This lines up with several rumors we’ve heard over the past few months. As you can see, the microphone and flash are part of the camera bump as well, rather than next to the lens.

The renders also suggest the iPhone 8 will feature a glass back, allowing Apple to implement wireless charging. Apparently, the feature will become standard across all of Apple’s newest iPhones, which Engadget claims will feature a 5-inch display and a 5.8-inch display—both of which will contain minimal bezel, much like the Galaxy S8.

Finally, the renders appear to show Apple will introduce a dual camera setup on the front of the device as well, which may be used for the advanced “3D facial technology” we recently heard about.

Engadget’s report mostly lines up with rumors we’ve heard, so there aren’t many surprises. What the report doesn’t reveal is if the vertical dual camera setup will be used for AR, and whether the bottom of the display will feature a “function area.”

The iPhone 8 is expected to be introduced this fall, but will reportedly be delayed until November or December, which means it will be tough to find during the holidays. And even if you do find one, you may be paying more than usual because of all the new technology, so you better start saving now.