According to the Korean Economic Daily, the new cameras will feature cutting edge 3D facial technology that will be able to sense depth. This would theoretically be used as a biometric sensor similar to the one Samsung introduced in the Galaxy S8. The major difference is that the S8’s sensor does a facial scan with a flat 2D image, making it relatively insecure—Samsung’s version can be fooled with a picture. It’s the main reason Samsung doesn’t allow it to authenticate payments.

The iPhone’s 3D facial recognition technology will reportedly be incorporated into the main and front-facing cameras.

LG Innotek already makes the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-camera. This is just the next step in Apple and LG’s working relationship. LG invested $238.5 million in a new facility to build the new camera modules given they are different from the ones being made for the iPhone 7 Plus.

What else will the camera do?

There were few details revealed by the Korean Economic Daily’s report, but from what we’ve heard, the new technology does sound quite exciting. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple finds other uses for the feature aside from biometrics.