Apple is expected to launch three new iPhone models in the fall: the iPhone 8, 7S and 7S Plus. The iPhone 8 is receiving much of the pre-announcement buzz, and justifiably so, as it is Apple’s biggest iPhone launch in a long time. But the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will also be getting a few sweet upgrades. Much has been speculated of what will come with the new S models, but little was actually known—until now.

TechnoBuffalo has acquired exclusive CAD images of the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus through a source close to the manufacturing process that reveals the exact build and key features the phones will come with.

The CAD images show a very familiar iPhone design. Nearly every detail is in the exact same place—the iPhone 7S Plus has the dual camera, the 7S has a single lens camera and nothing has changed with the button layout.

The haptic home button is at the bottom, volume buttons and mute toggle are on the left and the power button is on the right. Even the sensors are in the same place. The iPhone 7 has the same two sensors at the top of the display, so the 7s and 7s Plus will also stick with same LCD panels Apple has been using since 2014.

The circle at the center of both back images is where the Apple logo will be and the rectangle at the bottom is where the legal wording will be placed.

Just like Apple’s past S models, nothing revolutionary is happening with the overall design of the 7s. Most of the major changes will come inside, but that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t tweaking the design slightly.

We’ve heard Apple was planning on putting a glass back on the 7S, just like it is on the iPhone 8, and the CAD images confirm exactly that. A metal frame will fuse the front and glass panels for a design that will be very reminiscent of the iPhone 4.

Among the benefits of including a glass is the ability to minimize the antenna design and including wireless charging. Wireless charging is a feature Apple fans have been waiting on for a long time, and now they will get it in every single iPhone model in 2017 (including the iPhone 8). Apple will also upgrade the internals with the A11 Fusion ship and maybe a bump in RAM for the lower-end model. But that isn’t too flashy.

Apple doesn’t radically upgrade the S model—it’s mostly for internal upgrades, which the 7S is getting—but we’re still hoping for more.

It is disappointing Apple didn’t do more to change up the feature-set of the iPhone 7S. We were holding out hope the dual camera would make its way into the lower-end 7S, but that won’t be happening for at least another year. Apple is also sticking with the same size display on the front with the two gigantic bezels on the top and bottom. It would have been nice to see the bezels reduced slightly, but again, it’s not what Apple does with S models.

In all likelihood, Apple took fewer steps to address the S model this year with its focus going more towards the iPhone 8. And we can’t blame it for that. A lot is riding on the success of it.

The source responsible for the CAD images also revealed that Apple won’t name its high-end flagship the iPhone 8. Their best guess is it will be called iPhone X, but it wouldn’t be that surprising if Apple ends up going with iPhone Edition. It’s already in the naming scheme with the Apple Watch.

Now we that we know exactly what the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will look like, it’s just a waiting game for Apple to unveil it next month. We’ll try to act surprised when it does.