The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack. That’s old news. Today’s brand new MacBook Pro line does have headphone jacks. Cool? Cool.

The iPhone 7 ships with wired headphones that plug into the phone via Lightning cable. The new MacBook Pros? They don’t have a Lightning cable jack. They have Thunderbolt 3, which is compatible with USB-C.

As of right now, the wired headphones that ship with the iPhone 7, Apple’s current flagship device, have no way to work with the new MacBook Pro line. Talk about courage.

Some would argue that the alternative will be a dongle (which doesn’t exist yet) or that one could simply use Bluetooth headphones. You could even buy other headphones and use them in the MacBook Pro’s headphone jack and then use the adapter that came with your iPhone 7 on your phone. I’ll leave that to them. For me? This is sort of lunacy, isn’t it?