“Because I can,” is probably the answer you’d get from someone who chose to install Windows XP on their iPhone 7. While it would never be practical to run Microsoft’s ancient software on an Apple smartphone, YouTube user Hacking Jules released a video demonstrating the unholy union in action.

As the video shows, no jailbreak is required in order to get the software to work. Instead, the developer achieved the trick by sideloading an app through Xcode and then running an emulator.

Of course, because the software is running inside of an emulator, it doesn’t perform particularly well even though the iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip is more than powerful enough. Again, there’s no real purpose to running Windows XP on your phone other than because you can.

Still, seeing it in action is a fun trick, even if the result is hideous. Steve Jobs is likely turning in his grave at the mere thought.

Who remembers Windows XP?

For a lot of people, Windows XP was likely their first taste of the Windows ecosystem. I have fond memories of moving from Windows 98 to Windows XP, the latter of which Microsoft launched in 2001.

If you’re unfamiliar with side-loading apps using Xcode, you’re probably not going to get Windows XP on your iPhone 7 anytime soon. Nevertheless, you can find all the necessary files on GitHub.