A new report out of China claims the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will supply 100 percent of Apple's next generation mobile chip. The new processor will presumably power the iPhone 7.

Cupertino chose to tap both TSMC and Samsung to produce A9 chips for its current iPhone 6s, and that didn't exactly work out. Multiple reports claimed that Samsung's processor was inferior, offering significantly less battery life in some stress tests. Apple denied any noticeable difference between different versions of the A9, and indepenent reports seem to back up those claims.

Even so, it sounds like Samsung may have lost its chance to provide Apple's mobile processors moving forward. Then again, it's possible Cupertino may end up returning to its South Korean rival. We probably won't know for sure either way until the iPhone 7 arrives almost a year from now.

It's way too soon to really know anything about next year's iPhone, though that hasn't stopped the first rumors from popping up. According to one rumor the device will feature a non-metal design with a water-resistant rating. Hopefully we'll learn more soon, though the iPhone 7 probably won't arrive until September 2016.