Apple will reportedly boost the entry-level iPhone’s starting storage from 16GB to 32GB when it introduces the iPhone 7 this fall. It’s a move I think the company should have made earlier, but one that will no doubt be welcomed by fans who feel the squeeze with limited storage on their iPhones.

The Wall Street Journal revealed the changes yesterday in a story indicating that it’s a bad time to buy an iPhone, particularly with Apple’s new one just over the horizon. It didn’t discuss additional features planned for the new iPhone 7.

The company’s decision to offer a 16GB iPhone 6s seemed like a bizarre one, particularly given that users wouldn’t have much space to store media like Apple’s new Live Photos, in addition to apps that have increased in size thanks to added capabilities of mobile processors and graphics chips. That entry level phone is appealing for customers, however, who might not want to spend the additional dough for a 64GB iPhone. The entry-level model should still cost the same, it’ll just have more wiggle room.

The new iPhone 7 is expected in September and is currently expected to launch alongside an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 7 Pro.