The iPhone 7 may finally get the feature we’re all hoping for: a bigger battery. A new report from reliable Twitter leaker OnLeaks reveals that Apple could include a significantly larger power pack in the upcoming smartphone.

That may not sound like much of a difference but it could be a pretty big deal, especially if Apple also optimizes its software to save even more battery life. The company actually shrunk the battery on the iPhone 6s (1715mAh) down from the iPhone 6 (1810mAh) and battery life stayed about the same. So imagine how much longer the iPhone 7 and its 1960mAh battery will last.

It’s not clear how Apple plans to fit a bigger battery into the same basic design since the iPhone 7 is expected to look very similar to the current model. The new device is expected to ship without a headphone jack, though, which could leave a little extra room for the battery to fill up.

The iPhone 7 is rumored to fix another big gripe among Apple fans, offering better store options starting at 32GB (instead of 16GB) and going all the way up to 256GB. The larger iPhone 7 Plus could also pack 3GB of RAM, a dual rear camera and maybe even a Smart Connector. But, to be honest, we’re way more excited about a bigger battery than any of those fancy new features.