Apple took the wraps off a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 this week and it looks great—but it would have been perfect if it had a black display instead of the mis-matching white. Thanks to designer Benjamin Geskin, we know exactly what that would look like. Too bad it won’t exist.

The black on red juxtaposition makes the iPhone pop. The home button melts into the abyss of the black display for a very stealthy look. It also matches the black camera lens on the back. This feels like the combination Apple should have gone with, but for some reason didn’t.

How do you achieve this look?

So how can you get this version of the iPhone? Well, you can’t get it from Apple.

The easiest way is just to slap a red skin on a black iPhone 7. It won’t look nearly as sleek or stealthy, but it’s a sacrifice you’ll need to make. The second way is the most expensive option: buy a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 and replace the white display with a black version. There’s a big second-hand market for displays, so it’s not too difficult to locate one. Replacing the display would be another issue altogether, but if you’ve seen any iFixit videos before, it’s definitely possible.

The finished product just might be worth all the hassle.