Will the iPhone 7 be Apple’s first handset to boast a water-resistant design? A new report from the researchers at TrendForce suggests Apple will finally rollout a waterproof phone next year, along with another upgraded spec for the larger Plus model.

It’s clear by now that creating a beautiful water-resistant handset is entirely possible. Just look at Sony’s Xperia lineup. So it’s entirely possible Apple could do the same with the iPhone 7. This would also give the company a clear selling point, even if the device isn’t much of a visual upgrade.

The same report also predicts that the company may include an extra gigabyte of RAM (that’s 3GB total), though only with the larger iPhone 7 Plus. That lines up with another recent report from popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who made the same claim earlier this month. This isn’t the first time we’re heard rumors of a waterproof iPhone either, and at this point the speculation is starting to pile up.

For now, though, the iPhone 7 is still a big mystery. It’ll be a good long while before we see it unveiled onstage, though rumor has it the company could have something else in store for us earlier next year.