The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus haven’t even shipped, but the first teardown is already here. Vietnamese site Tinhte managed to get its hands on what looks like a pre-production copy of the iPhone 7 Plus, revealing some of the new hardware packed inside.

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting there are a few red flags with this teardown. The device apparently can’t turn on, and the listed battery size is slightly off what’s already been reported. This iPhone 7 Plus unit certainly looks like the real deal, though, and the battery even sports Apple’s logo. That said, we’d take this teardown with a grain of salt until we can compare it to the final iPhone 7 Plus, or until someone more official like iFixit does theirs.

There are plenty of changes to the iPhone 7 Plus both inside and out. On the exterior, the headphone jack is obviously gone, leaving room for more technology inside. The dual rear cameras are also new, and we get a close look at those in the teardown.

Under the hood, you can see the new haptic engine included to power the virtual home button. Tinhte also notes that the Wi-Fi antenna is now attached directly to the motherboard. There’s a single microphone where the headphone jack used to be, and a new integrated speakerphone means the built-in speakers are louder than before.

We still have some big remaining questions. How does opening up the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus affect its water-resistance? Was it really necessary to remove the headphone jack to make space for extra components? We should get some answers once the devices start to ship, but for now check out the full teardown below.