An iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s first smartphone to feature an IP67 rating, supposedly survived a 13-hour bath in an icy Russian river.

A video posted to Instagram shows a diver surfacing with the frozen treasure, which was apparently dropped by its owner during an ice-fishing trip. A Russian news outlet claims the handset had been submerged overnight before being recovered the next morning. Miraculously, the device still worked despite taking an unexpected dip.

Once the diver recovered the phone, the men were shocked to find the device still working—and with 19 percent battery no less. It’s unclear how well the device has held up following its ordeal, but the fact that it didn’t immediately malfunction is quite incredible.

Of course, it’s hard to say how authentic this story is. Nothing suggests the video is staged or purposely attempting to deceive viewers, but we’re still skeptical an iPhone could survive underwater for such a long period.

Don’t throw your device into an icy river

When the iPhone 7 was introduced, Apple touted its water resistance, saying it could easily withstand splashes and maybe even an accidental drop into a toilet (gross). I don’t think the company ever expected its device to survive such frigid circumstances, IP67 rating or not.

It’s worth noting there’s no guarantee your device would survive a similar ordeal, so it’s best to keep your iPhone dry. But if you do happen to drop your phone in an icy river, well, don’t just assume it’s dead.