Apple is expected to introduce a new color option for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but we still don’t know what it will be. First, we heard the device could come in blue, then reports claimed it was actually a very dark gray. Now a new leak suggests the company could offer a blue option after all.

A pair of ads from Chinese carrier China Unicom appear to tease the iPhone 7 Plus in four different colors: gold, silver, rose gold and a metallic blue. The image also shows the dual rear camera setup that’s allegedly exclusive to the Plus-sized iPhone. However, the traditional antenna placement pictured here does clash with reports that Apple could shift those bands to the edges of the device.

It’s possible this could be a real ad from China Unicom based on official information from Apple. It’s also possible the carrier could be basing its teaser on unofficial leaked info, or the entire thing could be a fake. For now, we’d definitely treat this rumor with a healthy sprinkling of salt.

Still, it’s interesting to see the blue iPhone 7 rumors make a return. We’re pretty smitten with the idea and we can’t help but hope it turns out to be true, even if multiple reports say we’ll get a dark gray/black version instead.