The iPhone 7 Plus won’t actually launch until Friday, but Apple’s already handed out the device to a few early reviewers. This year that includes Sports Illustrated and ESPN, who were both allowed to publish early photo samples with the device.

Sports Illustrated photographer David E. Klutho grabbed the iPhone 7 Plus and headed to the Titans-Vikings football game on Sunday. His photos take advantage of Apple’s new optical zoom, made possible thanks to the dual rear camera setup. The images also highlight the phone’s wider aperture, which allows for brighter pictures with more vibrant colors.

ESPN gave the iPhone 7 Plus to Landon Nordeman for a behind the scenes look at the U.S. Open in New York. The photographer noted that Apple’s new autofocus and fast exposure make it possible to “react instinctively and quickly” to capture pictures. He was also able to shoot photos one-handed as a result.

Overall, these photos all look pretty great, though to be fair they were taken by professional photographers. The real question is how well the iPhone 7 Plus will work in the hands of regular people without years of training.

We’re also curious to try out the new bokeh feature, which lets you blur the background to add depth to your photos but doesn’t seem to be utilized in any of these photographs.