It’s pretty common for smartphone cases to leak ahead of a flagship device’s launch. Unfortunately, at least for companies and folks who don’t like spoilers, that means an early look at products before they’re announced. Sometimes the casemakers are wrong, though, as was the situation a few years back ahead of an iPhone launch. That could be happening again, but today’s batch of photos look pretty legitimate.

We’re expecting a Smart Connector and a dual-camera setup on at least one of the new iPhones, possibly the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro. Those features appear in several photos of alleged iPhone 7 Plus cases published by 9to5Mac. Notice that there isn’t a headphone jack present, which is in line with rumors that Apple will ditch that feature in favor of using Bluetooth and the Lightning port for transferring audio.

These might not be legitimate, but at least they combine all of the rumors we’ve been hearing into a real product shot. Or maybe they are real, and we’re looking at the iPhone 7 Plus ahead of its debut in September.