If you pre-ordered your iPhone 7 Plus from Best Buy for pickup today, I have some potentially bad news for you. After hearing news that Verizon Wireless doesn’t have any iPhone 7 Plus units in-store, I decided to call my local Best Buy for a quick inventory check on a pre-order I placed last week.

A store representative told me that there aren’t any iPhone 7 Plus models and that the store is still waiting on a shipment from Apple. The employee wasn’t very bullish when I asked if it was still expected to arrive today, meaning it might not be able to fulfill the pre-order. I have a sneaking suspicion this isn’t going to be the only Best Buy in this position, so you may want to follow up on your pre-order, too.

Looks like Apple severely underestimated demand for the iPhone 7 Plus this year. For what it’s worth, the company doesn’t even have stock for its own stores.