As a technology reporter, a lot of new smartphones come across my desk. Usually, when one arrives, I’ll use it for a few weeks, write up my thoughts, then move onto the next big thing. That didn’t happen with the iPhone 7 Plus, though. Ever since it arrived five months ago, it’s been my go-to handset.

By now, you’re probably well aware that the iPhone 7 Plus sports a 5.5-inch Full HD display, an A10 Fusion processor, 3GB of RAM, a 12MP telephoto rear-facing camera and a 7MP selfie shooter. Sure, it’s not the most powerful device on the market (nor is it the most affordable, with prices starting at $769), but it’s certainly no slouch.

My only qualm when it comes to internals is battery life. For some reason, Apple opted for a measly 2,900mAh cell. The firm’s website states that it’ll last for “up to 13 hours” of constant internet use over an LTE connection, which is complete hogwash. My handset (and I’ve had two replacements) only lasts for around eight hours before dropping down to 10 percent.

It’s not like I’m running power-hungry applications, either. I start my day at 8 AM, spend the majority of it listening to music, responding to messages, scrolling through social networking feeds and by the time it’s 4 PM, I have to plug it in. Fortunately, I’m at a desk for the most part so I have a charger handy, but when I’m out and about, it can prove to be a bit problematic.

I’m also pretty disappointed that Apple still hasn’t found a way to prevent the color from fading on the back of metal-bodied iPhones. I opted for the regular gold model, and the bottom is starting to turn white, presumably from wedging the handset into the back pocket of my favorite pair of skinny jeans on an almost daily basis.

It’ll likely come as a surprise to hear that the removal of the headphone jack isn’t really a big deal. The EarPods included in the box are great and if you fancy something a bit more high-end, there are plenty of great Bluetooth headphones available. Apple even provides you with a complimentary Lightning-to-3.55mm adapter in case you need to use a regular pair of wired earphones.

TheiPhone 7 Plus is a solid device

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus is a solid device that’s definitely still worth your hard-earned cash. Whether that will still be the case when the Galaxy S8 Plus hits the shelves is anyone’s guess. But if you’re adamant on picking up a new iPhone, you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you carry a portable charger.