Earlier today a leaked spec sheet for the iPhone 7 with 256GB of storage hit the web, allegedly confirming a few rumors about the upcoming device. Now a second leaked spec sheet for the 32GB model has surfaced, potentially confirming one of the biggest improvements expected from Apple’s new smartphone.

If this leaked spec sheet is correct then hopefully cheapest iPhone 7 will likely pack 32GB of storage. Hopefully, that means the death of the 16GB version. That’s a big step up from the 16GB models that Apple currently offers, which usually run out of free space pretty quickly. The current iPhone 6s comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options, so if the iPhone 7 is available with 32GB of space it’s probably safe to assume that will be the new starting tier.

As for the middle tier, we’re still not sure what to expect. If Apple is doubling storage options across the board then the 64GB model would presumably jump to 128GB. It’s possible the company could stick with 64GB to make a little extra money, but that seems unlikely.

The latest leak also reaffirms many of the changes we already knew we coming. The iPhone 7 will apparently ship with a pair of Lightning Earpods to make up for the missing headphone jack. It looks like Apple will include a free Lightning to 3.5mm adapter as well so you can still use your old headphones.

Apple is set to announce the iPhone 7 at an event on September 7 where we may also get a look at the Apple Watch 2. We’ll be covering the entire thing live so stay tuned.