Over the weekend, we got our first alleged look at the iPhone 7, thanks to a leaked photo of a computer showing the device’s design. It didn’t take long for a couple of graphic designs to churn out some beautiful new work based on the latest rumors.

The first new iPhone 7 renders were revealed by NoWhereElse editor Steve Hemmerstoffer, who also published the original report. Soon afterwards, a few more images were released by Twitter user @VenyaGeskin1 and picked up by 9to5Mac.

Both sets of renders adopt several details from the leaked iPhone 7 photo. First, the rear camera is noticeably bigger. Apple’s antenna bands have also been shifted to the top and bottom edges of the back panel, giving the phone a cleaner look overall. The device is pictured in silver and gold, two classic colors for the Cupertino company.

Apple is also expected to introduce a new dual camera array later this year. However, the feature could be limited to the larger iPhone 7 Plus or even a new iPhone 7 Pro. The device is also rumored to ditch its headphone jack while adding a second bottom firing speaker.