iphone 7 camera module foxconn leak

The iPhone 7 may stick with a pretty familiar design, but it’s still expected to get a few notable upgrades. That includes an improved camera, and a fresh leak claims to show the new modules in a photo allegedly snapped at the Foxconn factory where Apple’s devices are assembled.

The leaked photo depicts a tray of smartphone camera modules, with multiple sources suggesting they could be designated for the iPhone 7. Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka OnLeaks) shared a blurry version of the image this morning, though he also cast some doubt on its authenticity at the same time.

Soon afterward @the_malignant, another Twitter tipster who’s been leaking a lot lately, shared a clearer version of the same photo. The tweet also includes a second image of a Foxconn cafeteria tray, hinting that workers are fueling up for long shifts as iPhone 7 production picks up.

The leaked photo doesn’t reveal any new details, but we may already know a good amount about the iPhone 7’s new camera. The device is expected to feature a larger lens, possibly to accommodate a larger sensor. The iPhone 7 Plus could actually pack two cameras in back, though recent reports suggest Apple may decide to shelve that feature for now.

With mass production apparently kicking off, it probably won’t be long before the first fully-formed iPhone 7 leaks. Until then, take a look at these recently leaked renders, which show the expanded camera cutout where the new modules could go: