Rumor has it the iPhone 7 will come in a new “Space Black” color option, though conflicting reports suggest it could actually arrive in blue. Now a fresh leak seems to confirm the black iPhone is really on the way, with a second report also backing up those claims.

A pair of leaked photos that surfaced online over the weekend claim to show the iPhone 7 mute switch in black. Assuming this is real, it could be our first look at the new color, which would presumably cover the entire device for a sleek all-black design. There seems to be plenty of doubt around the authenticity of these pictures, though, so we wouldn’t get too excited for now.

Our second leak comes from an alleged Foxconn insider, who claims to reveal a full list of features and specs for the iPhone 7. That includes a “pure black” version that apparently looks really good, along with the traditional gold and rose gold options.

The same leaker also claims Apple could surprise us with a semi-waterproof smartphone design. The iPhone 7 is apparently more water-resistant than the iPhone 6s, but it’s not good enough to claim an IP68 rating like the Galaxy S7. So you still won’t be able to submerge the device, but it may stand up to some light splashing.

The report goes on to reaffirm a few previous rumors. The headphone jack is reportedly gone, and the physical home button has been switched for a digital version. The rear camera is also bigger with a convex shape. If all these rumors turn out to be true the iPhone 7 could be a pretty exciting upgrade, even if the basic design doesn’t change very much.