People all around the world will get their hands on Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on Friday, but some lucky folks already have final retail packaging in-hand. And thanks to a series of pictures posted on Chinese social media, we have our very first look at the black box that comes with the jet black iPhone 7.

Apple was pretty proud of the jet black iPhone, spending a long time at the event last week talking about how it achieved the shiny finish. It makes sense the company would go the extra mile and house the new color in its own custom box, too. Apple products typically come in plain white boxes, a theme that’s been a part of the company’s retail operation for years now.

We have no way of verifying whether or not the images are legitimate, but we should find out when the iPhone 7 officially launches this Friday. For what it’s worth, the matte black iPhone 7 doesn’t appear to come in a black box; instead, the images suggest it’ll come in its usual white.

The jet black iPhone 7 was seemingly the most sought after option during pre-order madness last Friday, with shipments slipping into several weeks after the initial launch of September 16. According to Apple, due to the color’s finish, jet black will be susceptible to fingerprints and scratches, so the company recommends using a case for protection.

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