Apple may finally bail on the 16GB storage option with the iPhone 7 which, as we assumed, will make room for another model. Turns out that the company may indeed introduce a 256GB option, at least according to a new report from research firm Trend Force.

The company said that, due to “especially intense” competition in the high-end smartphone market and the size of the photos that the iPhone 7 Plus will snap with its special camera sensors, Apple “is certain to raise the maximum storage option to 256GB so that the iPhone 7 will have the highest NAND Flash density of the entire series.” Apple currently caps its storage at 128GB, which has proven more than enough space for me so far – complete with all of my games, videos and music – but you won’t find me complaining with even more space.

Trend Force also said that the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus will be the first iPhone to introduce 3GB of RAM while the regular 4.7-inch model will stick with 2GB.

It seems like an obvious move for Apple to jump to 256GB, especially if it gets rid of the 16GB model. Will it still keep the 64GB and 128GB options, too?