Apple hasn’t officially revealed the battery capacity for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but the information may have already leaked out. A pair of TENAA certification listings out of China detail the bigger batteries that come packed into these new smartphones.

The iPhone 7 Plus apparently offers a 2900mAh battery, up from 2750mAh on the iPhone 6s Plus. The smaller iPhone 7 gets an even bigger jump to 1960mAh, from 1715mAh on the iPhone 6s. Either way, that’s a pretty nice boost and battery life should noticeably improve as a result, as long as display, processors perform as expected.

Apple hasn’t confirmed those details, but it does say that battery life is better on the new smartphones. The iPhone 7 offers two more hours of battery compared to the iPhone 6s, according to the company. The iPhone 7 Plus adds just one extra hour over its predecessor, which makes sense considering the less dramatic change in battery size.

Of course, specs and promises are only part of the story. We won’t know how well Apple’s new iPhone batteries actually hold up until we use the devices for ourselves. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are set to launch this Friday so we should be able to get our hands on them pretty soon. That’s when the real testing will begin.