Apple knows how to make a great smartphone, but there are a few areas where the iPhone lags far behind its competition. Wireless charging is still missing in action, as is a water resistant design — even if the latest phones still worked after submersion in one test — but the Cupertino company may have a a fix for at least one of those issues coming next year.

A new report claims Apple could have some big changes planned for the iPhone 7. According to one leaker posting to Weibo, the company is considering a water resistant design. The new feature is apparently still in early testing, though Cupertino may already have a few working prototypes.

The same tipster also says the iPhone 7 won’t feature a metal design. Instead, the company will reportedly adopt an entirely new material. It’s unclear if this is a result of making the phone water resistant or an unrelated change. Either way, it could mean the end of Apple’s classic metal style.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus just hit stores last week, so we’re not expecting a new handset from Apple until around this time next year. Of course, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating over what else the device could offer, including wireless charging, a USB-C port and a sharper display.

Apple has plenty of time to decide what new features it wants to introduce with the iPhone 7, and it sounds like the company is already testing out a few interesting ideas.