Earlier this morning, we had a look at an alleged sketch of the iPhone 7 and now, just a few hours later, we’re getting a look at what may be a dummy of the iPhone 7. Dummy units don’t have any components, but they can often give case-makers and others accessory-builders a final idea of what the device might look like ahead of launch.

The alleged dummy iPhone 7 above was published by MacRumors, which said it was received by an anonymous tipster. That means it could be real or it could be fake. I’m stressing the latter, because we’re going to see a lot of leaks between now and September when the phone is expected, and that means we’re also going to see plenty of leaked parts, both real and fake.

However, several reports have suggested that the iPhone 7 won’t look much different than the current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This dummy unit at least matches those reports, while also hiding away some of the ugly antenna bands. But notice that small area on the bottom of the device – it looks like a possible accessory Smart connector, which was originally rumored for the iPhone 7 before new reports shot that idea down. It also doesn’t appear there’s a headphone jack on this device which, again, may make its way to the iPhone 7 at this point after earlier rumors suggested Apple was ditching it.

If anything, the dummy unit is good for at least helping us visualize what an iPhone 7 with some of the aforementioned features (or lack of features) might look like.